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Vortex Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 6

Fall is in the air!

Apply Ice Melt, Fertilizer, Insecticide, Aquatic Herbicide, Pre-emergent, Granular Growth Regulator quickly and efficiently.

Use the Vortex Spreaders in Utility Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, Golf Carts

Vortex has a spreader to fit your needs.

Apply material in Ornamental Beds, Sidewalks and Stairwells for Ice and Snow, Bunker Faces, Roadsides, In-ground and Container Nurseries, Waterway

Vortex Tech Tip:

Videos for Vortex Spreader setup and mounting, operation and maintenance can be found in our Tech Tips. Click the links below
Vortex TR and SPX Setup
Mounting the Vortex TR and Vortex SPX
Material Flow Adjustment
Material Delivery
Cleaning and Lubrication

See us at the Florida Blueberry Growers Association Fall Meeting- Tuesday Oct 30, 2012 at the Trinkle Center in Plant City Florida.
Florida Blueberry Growers Association

New Granular Products:

Save water and use the Vortex Spreaders for application.

A new granular formulation of a proven water saving product- Hydretain ES Plus Granular QD

Hydretain is a revolutionary new chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf. It’s blend of hygroscopic and humectant compounds attracts and holds free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix, and efficiently transfers them into the roots of your plants. This simple mechanism will result in healthy, vigorous and drought resistant landscapes.

Please click to read about the new about Hydretain ES Plus Granular QD-

Partner News:

Enjoy, Fall is a beautiful time at FarmLinks.

See the Vortex Granular Spreaders in action at FarmLinks. We are a proud On The Course Partner at FarmLinks in Sylacauga, Alabama.

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